Vansh Taneja

The story that’s depicted from the pictures can be absolutely related to a real story of a person named Mandip. He was around 8 years old when he developed attraction towards learning swimming. When he was in class 8th, he finally decided to join the local swimming class. Initially he went into the shallow side of the pool as didn’t know anything. He was progressively moving to the deeper area. At 4.5 feet majority of the people were learning. As soon as 2 mins went, he didn’t know what started happening to him. He started looking downwards and he grew pale. He never faced this situation ever. There were girl and boys both in the pool. (He felt sexually aroused). Everyone around him started making fun of him. This incident made him conscience-stricken. His coach changed the batches from the next day. Separate for boys and girls. Being, unable to forget the incident, he had thoughts of leaving swimming and stop facing people. The next day, when he went with guilt and shame, the same thing happened.Mandip couldn’t handle the situation. He was made fun of to such extent that he couldn’t handle. His seniors started mocking at him worsening the shame. He couldn’t even get out of the pool too. At home, he even had suicidal thoughts. He was unable to figure out what was going around his lodgings. Next day when he went to his school, his classmates were aware of the incident and started calling him ”Chakka Chakka”. Even the friends he considered true were doing the same. He didn’t want to go to swimming from then.. But his father took him forcefully and he started crying. He entered the swimming school crying. His coach called him and took him to a corner. *The coach had faced the same situation was a beginner. He shared the deepest secret of his to the young boy. He told Mandip that he was bisexual. Mandip had never heard of it before he kept on asking his coach about things that day. The coach explained him that _it’s very common._* Judgemental people might judge him in future too but he must have power to face them and accept himself. He explained him the *difference between bisexuality and homosexuality* and asked him to figure out which was prominent in him. His wonderful coach also told him ways how to control the urges..People harassed him a lot on social media and his class calling him gay, bisexual, transgender etc. He faced each and every situation so bravely that he overcame hatred and earned love of many.In the *third picture the book in the form of boat that carries the boy safely from the hatred in social media.  In the same way, the coach acts like a boat in his life and helps him to face the situations rather than trying to escape it.* Mandip owed a lot to his coach and found himself very fortunate to get a fantastic coach like him.He realised with time that he was bisexual too. With time people started accepting him, he became friends with many batchmates and from that day he never faced the same situation. He became confident in life,  so much that he won several state level competitions and national level too *thus breaking the handcuffs, the barriers of gender in the straight biased society and building respect for every kinds of people.

*_The basic values of love, respect and determination are highlighted in the story._


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