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Tanishq: The Untold Story 2016

Tanishq the Untold Story, that was selected and released at the Delhi International film festival 2016. This movie reveals about the coming out of a feminine boy in front of an audience and tells about his struggling life how he managed towards his homophobic society and world. It depicts the way of living his feminine life in the college and outside world. How he managed himself to attempt suicide all will show in this autobiographical film of a boy name Tanishq. It was directed by Naveen Tokas under Miss Woomaniya production. Tanishq: The Untold Story received so many positive reviews and won third position among 20 films across the world. Famous singer Piyush Mishra also attended the film festival.  It was the only and the last screening of that movie because of several controversies in his family.

Production Team

  • Director : Naveen Tokas
  • Producer: Naveen Tokas
  • Story : Tanishq
  • Camera: Sahil Bhist, Anuj
  • Editor: Raunak
  • CAST : Childhood Tanishq: Dimpy | Young Tanishq: Navin
  • Production: Miss Woomaniya Production
  • Official Selection: Delhi International Queer and Theatre Film Festival 2016

Inaayat 2017

Inaayat, directed by Naveen Tokas ,a positive documentary movie about a gay professor and his mother relationship. It reveals the positive life of himadri how his mother supports him from his childhood. It gives a positive message to the mother of the world by supporting their child and the way of living in the homophobic world. Inaayat was released, screened at Delhi International Queer Theatre Film Festival 2017.

Production Team

  • Director: Naveen Tokas
  • Producer Naveen Tokas, Raghuveer Sandhu
  • D.O.P or Cinematographer: Ritesh Yadav
  • Creative Director : Mahendra Vikram Shah
  • Assistant Director: Rishabh Pal
  • Editor: Tanishq
  • CAST and CREW: Chilhood Himadri: Aman Karoti | Teenage Himadri: Darshan Gupta
  • Mother: Minati Roy
  • Junior Artist: Anuj , Sonu , Raj , Ritu Raj, Ranjeet Ankit , Raja
  • Production Assistant: Chandan Kumar
  • Still Photographer: Rishabh Pal
  • Make-up Artist: Raghuveer Sandhu
  • Spot Boy: Prakash Kumar Ray
  • Production: Miss Woomaniya Production
  • Official Selection: Delhi International Queer Theatre Film Festival 2017, New Delhi, Queer-e-Mehfil 2018, New Delhi, BODH Queer Event 2018 Allahabad and Queer Asia Film Festival, London, UK 2018, Blued Queer Flicks 2019 New Delhi, Garv Utsav 2019 Chandigarh,Allahabad Queer Film Festival 2019,The Mind Matters 2019, Kitty Su, New Delhi , Queer & Allies Art Festival , Pune 2019

QISMAT The Musical Tale of Love 2018

A queer romantic song”Qismat Tale of Love” which was a Musical film depicted the message of loyalty between the couple. It tells about the characteristics of a loyal person that one can easily connect into its life.It was screened and released at Delhi International Queer Theatre Film Festival, TARANG 2018 and received positive reviews from the audience.

Production Team

  • Director: Naveen Tokas
  • Producer: Naveen Tokas
  • Assistant Director: Nirraj Kumar
  • Editor: Shadab Mirza
  • DOP: Gaurav, Rohit Lohia
  • Graphics: Pradip Kumar
  • Social media: Naman Raina
  • CAST: Himanshu , Ankit, Shubham,Neraj
  • Production: Miss Woomaniya production
  • Official Selction: Delhi International Queer Theatre Film Festival TARANG 2018

SINGULAR The Queen of Success 2019

Naveen Tokas and Deepanshu Pitlehra, the directors of Miss Womaniya Production presenting the first cinematic documentary on the Life of the Transmodel Archie Singh. The film shows the struggle of the model beginning from her childhood to the dream she has achieved. Nothing is impossible if you’re doing it with the best of your heart. Fighting with the tags labelled by the society, the movie conveying the message that “Women are women and the tags like trans is not going to stop anyone to achieve their dreams.”
This movie is based on the real struggle of a trans model “Archie Singh” directed by Naveen Tokas with Deepanshu Pitlehra. This movie was premiered at TARANG Delhi International Queer Theater and Film Festival 2019 and received a lot of positive reviews. On 20th Oct, Miss Woomaniya launch its first trailer look at The Lalit , Connaught Place, New Delhi.

Production Team:

  • Directors: Naveen Tokas, Deepanshu Pitlehra
  • Producer: Naveen Tokas, Miss Woomaniya
  • Creative and Art Director: Bhaskar Kumar
  • Costume Designing: Shekhar Verma
  • Production Director: Rajat Garg
  • DOP: Rohit Lohia
  • Assistant DOP: Shubham, Pawan,Yash
  • Story: Archie Singh
  • Screenplay: Deepanshu, Naveen
  • Vocals: Jiya Singh
  • Editor: Shadab Mirza, Deepanshu,Naveen
  • Graphics: Naveen Tokas
  • Music: RN Music Studio, Delhi
  • Production: Miss Woomaniya Production
  • CAST: Child Archie: Aaradhya | Adult Archie: Sarika Bhardwaj | Interviewer: Rahul
  • Official Selection: TARANG Delhi International Queer Theatre Film Festival 2019, Pune International Queer Film Festival 2020