About Magazine | From the editor’s desk

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to that (in 2019), Miss Woomaniya Production launched Indias’s first online platform, basically an online magazine “Miss Woomaniya Magazine”, which is an endeavor to push the LGBTQIA+ community into the mainstream by giving them an opportunity to express themselves in areas concerning different spheres of life in order to normalize and humanize them for the society, and decrease the stigma associated with them. 
2018 has proved out to be a glorious year in the history of the rainbow movement around the world, especially for India which entered a post sec 377 era. The community has never been more overwhelmed with greetings pouring in from round the world and people embracing their identities. This magazine is an attempt to link LGBT community to the conventional community and, measure the distance between legal equality and social equality by presenting them as regular people with regular notions, interests and ideas. 
It is a comprehensive effort by a few community members and allies. 
The main motto of this magazine is to vanish the tag line and the gap between the mainstream and queer world. Let’s do work together publish and read together. 
Miss Woomaniya is going to be first magazine to work in a united way.
I hope the readers like it and it serves its purpose! 

Editor | Miss Woomaniya Magazine