“Ivanka Das” Rocked at DANCE DEEWANE Season 2


Naveen Tokas

Ivanka Das, a 33 old multitalented transwomen, who works as a Dance Choreographer, Creative director, Model from Kolkata performed at Dance Deewane that aired on Colors Tv in front of Madhuri Dixit, Tushar Kalia, and Shashank Khaitan. She told the world that she is too much happy that she is going to performing with this body. Since I am what I have to forward with that. I don’t think any gender or sexuality matters for my talent.  all the three judges gave her standing ovation whereas all the audience praised her with great applause. She performed on the song “Nainowale Ne” from Padmavat movie. 

She is the regular dance performer at KittySu of Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. She also performed with “Rani Kohinoor aka Sushant Divgikar” and also worked with the Aashiqui actor “Rahul Roy” as a creative director. She also showed her moves at Delhi famous Queer festivals “Queer-e-Mehfil” 2018 organized by Miss Woomaniya Production, New Delhi. She told that  “I don’t want anyone to mention me as a Trans Women, I want People to say me as a straight women” as per Naveen Tokas, Director Miss Woomaniya.

Ivanka performing in Miss Woomaniya’s “Queer-e-Mehfil 2018” at New Delhi

She is the first Bald and Bold trans Choreographer from Queer Community. Men have always dressed like women. but when it comes to the identity and personal choices, we refuse to give others space, she added to gay star news. She was also in the state depression and tried to overcome when she joined the world of spirituality where she reborn as strong bold women and now she is showing her moves to win the heart of the world. 

She also invited for the talk on BBC Hindi where she talked about the life of transgenders and their struggle. Naveen Tokas added “Ivanka is known as the Rainbow Star of Delhi and the best thing is that she never ask for any compensation for her performances that we usually do to change the mindset of a conservative society. for me, she is the educator that is trying to break down the stereotype society. 

Betta Naan Stop, a Drag Queen from Delhi brief to Miss Woomaniya that I’m absolutely proud and tremendously happy for Ivanka. I always knew she is meant for something big and I always told her that too. Both of us have performed together on many platforms… But the one which is closest to us would be Kitty Su. And that is also where we bonded a lot. I’ve seen her go through so much and see her emerge out of those tough times like this graceful woman she is. The break was much awaited and like she blew everyone’s mind on TV she will take everyone by surprise. I wish her all the best for this exciting journey she has begun.

She is the transformer, I worked with her during Miss Woomaniya Projects and I know she will transform the world definitely, Raghuveer has added.

I am the one, who has to feel to understand, the language of Soul and Souls are the best power of the Divine. As per mentioned on her profile.


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