Marriage of Convenience- A book necessary for discussion


“End of the new beginning”, says the last page of the Book Marriage of Convenience.

What is Marriage Of Convenience?

It is a form of marital set up where people make a deal to fake a marriage. Often MOC is talked about with regards to heterosexual people faking a marriage.

What the book is about?

The book Marriage of convenience talks about people from LGBTQIA+ community faking marriages to stay closeted and why they choose to do so.

The book focuses on the following issues-

  1. Marriages done to stay closeted.
  2. LGBTQIA+ Rights.
  3. Domestic violence on queer individuals.
  4. Domestic violence on women.
  5. Situation of asexual women.
  6. Bullying of queer individuals in school.
  7. Situation of queer individuals from villages.

It is notable that the book consists of plenty of queer characters including asexuality into the discussion through book.

Inspired by real stories, the book talks about impacts of such marriages on the person getting married to stay closeted and on the person, which in most cases is a heterosexual woman, getting married to a queer individual without her knowledge. “The book cover is inspired by all those queer couples who are often taught to leave hands or part their ways due to heteronormative norms of the society, Amal Pushparaj have done a great job designing it.”, The author, Meghna Mehra describes the cover.

Despite 377 Judgment, many community members still opt for the marriage of convenience, many are still getting married to heterosexual people to stay closeted and for many, marriage with their partners is a distant dream. We often witness such marriages around us but what causes them? The book talks about the causes and consequences of such marriages in a realistic manner.

Asexual characters

The asexual community often lacks representation in popular media and literature, the book covers problems faced by the asexual community briefly. “Introduction of an asexual character is a necessity”, says Meghna Mehra, Author of the Book.

About the Author “Meghna Mehra”

Meghna completed her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from SPM College, University of Delhi. She is known as the first Asexual student leader of India. She is the founder of All India Queer Association, studying women and gender studies. Meghna understands how gender discrimination works in the social, political and economic aspects of life. She born in Delhi and understand how issues of LGBTQIA+ Community and Women exist in metropolitan cities and in universities campuses.

The book can be bought through Amazon or by contacting the author’s page. Fb page –

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