Multi talented Ivanka Das is going to rock in few hours


New Delhi: A multi talented trans women choreographer , model and actor Ivanka Das, who is going to make her debut in the digital web series “Ye Hai #Mandi” which is going to screen in 24 hours on Prime Flix application on the auspicious occasion of Christmas.

“Ye hai #Mandi” is a story of Seema that showing the journey of finding her sexuality. The show starts with Seema’s mother meeting with an accident and suddenly their life goes for a toss. This digital show is directed by Abhay Nihalani which is going to be first digital show in India where a real trans women is going to play her character. Ivanka Das is going to play Kareena’s role, who is reportedly a brothel owner.

Now the things are changed in the society, this is the ripe time for a trans person where they can lead in best way like Ivanka Das already had proved her talent in the Bollywood industry to being the first trans that is going to appear in the series. The whole queer community is so proud and all are appreciating her to put ahead. “All the times the film industry had take men and women to portrait the character of LGBTQ person. But now the new revolution is going on where queer people themselves portrait their character in the films as we are the only us that can relate very easily. we don’t want anyone to represent our character in the front of mainstream society. we are here, we have talent, skills everything then why someone else will play our life journey” Ivanka added. 

Ivanka Das is going to be India’s first trans woman who is going to debut in digital series on tomorrow Ye Hai #Mandi on Prime Flix. Moreover, everyone is fond of her moves and now she is going to show her luck in an acting career in front of the world.


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