Queer Community Shocked after Urvi Shah’s Gay Marriage Scam


Ritwik Das

Indian queer community has undergone suppression and discrimination from centuries. Their rights have been violated and have always lived in the darkness of isolation. But at last, after a long battle, the community saw a ray of light, a new sunshine. When the honorable Supreme Court of India rewrote the section 377 of the Indian Constitution, which criminalized homosexuality.

 After the judgment, the queer community in India started dreaming, they have ambitions in their eyes, they have hope, a dream of a life that they want to live.And one of the most important dream was a lovely, romantic, and healthy relationship.

 But a community whose relationship is not accepted in the mainstream society and no such point of start. And so the community started looking for reachable and affordable platforms to find their favorable companion.

 And so came up with the gay dating apps. And with the start of these apps, crime related to the apps came into light, complaints of blackmailing, physical abuse and theft was registered across the country. And now a new case came in front of us which is very unfortunate to see and believe.

Urvi Shah from Ahmedabad who claimed to run ARRANGE GAY MARRIAGE BUREAU was a Scam.This whole scam came into light after Reeta Loi an expatriate community member busted their reality and made a documentary story of this whole scam. It took a long span of 11 months to bring this scam out in public, Reeta along with her friend Keith, registered themselves in the bureau and came out with the reality.

 It was found that they(as per Urvi, she has a team of 26) used this bureau as a way to extract money from the  NRIs and Foreign Nationals mainly charging 22-45k per person. All the testimonials mentioned on her website were found FRAUD. As per the information provided, there were 3700 people registered in their bureau, and more than 50 clients found their partners from the bureau, but in reality they collected couple pics/wedding pics and uploaded at her website and claimed that they met through her Bureau. 

This story came up as a threatening shock to the whole community. The video busting the reality is being shared across the social media platforms.This is heartbreaking for the whole community, this will create a loss of faith inside the community, the Indian queer community is already under problematic situations above that if such scams play with our emotions, can’t we guess the hazardous impact of it within the community?

These issues can’t be taken for granted, monitoring and authenticity evaluation before using such platforms should be done. And the community has to stand united against such challenges.


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