Queer Health during Quarantine Lockdown


Ritwik Das

Mankind is going through its toughest time across the globe. COVID-19 had affected the whole and forced people to stuck inside their houses. India with a mixed culture of joint and nuclear family has a huge population of queer community members living in the closet. India still lacks in queer rights, struggling for their identity acceptance, is still a heteronormative society. Where the majority is homophobic.

 Even the so-called progressive, educated upper class which interprets that they are so accepting towards the queer community actually accepts a gay child of the neighborhood but it’s an issue if their own young ones identify so. In such a scenario when queer individuals are already suffering within their families now have to go through a complete lockdown inside their homes.

 Most of the individuals in the closet usually spent some of their free time with other community members in some public places, parks or at someone’s private residence. Which actually provides them a stress buster, and gives them an opportunity to balance their mental health.

Now, due to the lock down, this opportunity has been lost from their lives and now the community is forced to live with their heteronormative families where they are continuously bullied, poked for their sexual behavior. By the member of their own family. Some of the recent data’s tell us about the increase in the numbers of domestic violence cases in India. But there are no such data for the queer community, what they are going through, aren’t the queer people raped? Aren’t they abused? Aren’t they physically tortured?

Yes, a huge queer population goes through these traumatic situations and this can too increase during this period.

 Above these issues, one more issue which stands as a challenge is queer mental health. 

Although Indians don’t have a habit to take mental health as a serious issue. But an individual who has to enact his sexuality, his walking and talking habits in front of their families, now have no time to live as they want, as they are…. And this will give a negative impact on their mental health, which will always be an undiscussed issue. But keeping a topic undiscussed doesn’t make it irrelevant.


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